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Active investment in Revitalizing Valencia’s Real Estate Market with Energy-Efficient Properties.

For over 20 years our goal as developers has been to enhance the value chain of Real Estate promotions by creating teams and projects that focus on producing housing spaces that significantly improve the customer experience and property owner’s profitability.

Understanding Change.

Investing in the Future.

All our projects offer A-rated energy-efficient homes certified by GREEN BUILDING CERTIFICATE.

Our projects for end-customer sales aim to provide locations with high demand and positive future price growth. We focus on areas with added value, moving away from city centers to find established locations with services but also potential for further appreciation. All our projects offer A-rated energy-efficient homes certified by GREEN BUILDING CERTIFICATE. We encourage the end-buyer to collaborate with us in the final definition of distribution and quality. Our sales projects are built with high quality, comfort, design, and efficiency in mind.

We use technology such as ventilated facades, radiant flooring, forced ventilation, aerothermal heating, cooling systems and solar panel energy generation. Although our product is geared towards end-customers, a high percentage of the homes we build are bought by investors for rental purposes.

Build to rent

The concept of building to rent has existed for a long time outside of Spain’s borders. In recent years, due to the high demand for rental housing in Spain, developers have entered this market. Investment in the Build to rent segment has been growing since 2019.

Jecama started its first Build to rent project in 2014, anticipating the trend in the industry. With years of experience and a large portfolio of build to rent projects, Jecama has carefully crafted the product while maintaining a high level of quality and profitability.
The build to rent model allows investors to purchase a property that generates a return on their invested capital. It is an extremely appealing investment as the returns of this model are high and offer great stability for the investor.

Build to sell

Jecama has developed projects for the sale of homes. We are fully aware of the imperative need for buyers to obtain an efficient home that helps them manage their day-to-day lives. All our new construction projects for sale focus on energy efficiency and interior comfort.